Announcing 3CX Update 6 Business Phone System

BizPhones4U is Proud to Announce that 3CX Update 6 is available now!

Leap into 2023 with Update 6 – now in Beta! Get your 3CX up and running easily and in no time with our new simplified setup and configuration – right from the Web Client!

We’ve added 7 new User ‘Roles’ to manage permissions, as well as new ‘Group’ functionalities – perfect if you have teams working across different locations and time zones. What’s more we’ve made it possible for you to use selected IP phones as SBC devices… As for StartUP users, you too can now make and receive calls using a 3CX supported deskphone!

What's New in Update 6?

Update 6 has come out of our test cycles with flying colors and has already been deployed thousands of times. Therefore we are releasing Update 6 as Beta and making it available as the default install option as follows:

  • New on-premise Linux installs deployed from our portal will be installed using Update 6
  • All StartUP instances will be updated to Update 6
  • New Hosted by 3CX Trial and NFR deployments will use Update 6

Existing installations can install Update 6 via the updates page but keep in mind it’s still a Beta release.

New on-premise Windows installs will be deployed using Update 5 and cannot be updated to Update 6 yet.

We envisage making Update 6 final early next year. It will then be deployed to 3CX hosted and other installations on demand or automatically based on your setting and preference.

In Update 6 Alpha we had disabled DHCP 66 somewhat hastily and it is back now in the Beta release. The reason that DHCP 66 had been disabled was to increase security in cloud installations. We do not recommend using DHCP Option 66 in cloud deployments but it’s certainly possible to use it on the local LAN providing the network is properly secured.

We are working on a new secure way to deploy phones en masse in the cloud using the SBC and PnP. Meanwhile, you can deploy Supported IP Phones using DHCP Option 66. Check out our DHCP Option 66 guide.

VOIP Features For Tampa Small Business

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The 3CX VoIP phone system is not your typical phone system.

3CX integrates into all platforms of communication from Facebook Messenger, SMS text messages, website chat integration and a powerful video conferencing suite. Award winning powerful 3CX VoIP phone system is scalable to your business needs and makes virtual working seamless.

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