3CX Telephone System Features

Full Range of Features for your Phone System | Video Meetings | Live Chat

3CX VoIP Phone System

3CX integrates into all platforms of communication from Facebook Messenger, SMS text messages, website chat integration and a powerful video conferencing suite. Award winning powerful 3CX VoIP phone system is scalable to your business needs and makes virtual working seamless. Contact us today and get the best VoIP phone system for your business.

Video Meetings

Other free video conferencing solutions limit your meeting to 40 minutes, with 3CX you can talk for hours! No need for separate apps, you get enterprise-level video conferencing that’s secure, easy to use & free. Set up online meetings through your calendar or simply hook up with remote teams or customers through your unique 3CX Meet link (e.g. https://1000.3cx.cloud/liashelton/meet). Invitees can join a scheduled or ad-hoc meeting directly from their browser without downloading any apps.

Live WordPress Website Chat

As many as 50% of live chats end up being forwarded to the call center… with the customer having to explain everything again! In these cases live chat systems are yet another obstacle prolonging resolution times. Not so with 3CX Live Chat! The customer or chat agent can instantly elevate the chat to a call to explain better. Customer’s query with history can be shared with other team members for their feedback to resolve issues faster. And it’s not just live chat or voice – handle your Facebook and SMS messages from the same interface. Get live chat for your business without paying $20 per user per month!

3CX Administration Tools

3CX makes remote working easy.  3CX works in anywhere there is internet available.  Second, 3CX works on any mobile device from IPADS, Iphones, Android phones, and computers.  For anyone that has employees on the road. 3CX can save a employer a lot of money by the employee only needing a tablet to use 3CX and won’t need a phone to receive a call in addition to there IPAD or tablet.  3CX can be hosted in multiple data centers. For example, if Florida get hit by a hurricane your 3CX phone system will still work by changing hosting to a out of state data center with in minutes.

3CX Awards

PC Pro's 2020 A List

This year we made PC Pro’s 2020 A List, and now, in their Technology Excellence Awards, 3CX has yet again been selected as winner of Business Software of the Year. Taking into consideration the hurdles that 2020 presented, 3CX is recognized for its rich feature set, ease of deployment and management, and unrivalled flexibility which have helped countless businesses adapt to the challenges brought on by Covid-19.

Best Unified Communications Software Company 2021

3CX has been named as Best Unified Communications Software Company 2021 by Digital.com. The communication system made the list based on 3CX’s ability to help improve collaboration between onsite and remote staff.
3CX has revolutionized business communication, and now the software developers are honing in on the customer service and contact center market. What’s more, 3CX was recognized for its seamless CRM integration, and inclusion of multiple communication channels on a single platform.

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