Managing your Phone System

3CX Version 15

3CX Phone System has been designed to require a minimum of management and monitoring. To this purpose we have created a dashboard, that shows all key information, as well as an alert system that will send you email notifications upon important events. 3CX can easily be updated & upgraded and has extensive logging for troubleshooting purposes.



Managing 3CX couldn’t be easier from the new management console dashboard page. The dashboard page shows all key information and health status about your system in one easy to understand page, grouped by System Status, PBX Status and Information.

System Status

This section shows key information about the health of the computer system on which 3CX is running:

  • The graphs shows processor usage over time. Spikes are normal, however if the indicator is frequently above 70% over a continued period of time, then your system is underpowered and you need to upgrade.
  • Disk Usage - Ensure you have enough for call recordings and logs.
  • Memory Usage
  • Performance is the current processor usage

PBX Status

The PBX Status section shows you details of the status of your 3CX installation on this system:

  • Trunks Up - Shows number of trunks registered versus configured.
  • Extensions Up - Shows number of extensions active versus configured.
  • Number of calls in use - Shows number of calls currently in use versus licensed.
  • Blacklisted IPs - Shows IPs that have been blacklisted because of too many authentication attempts.
  • Event Log - Allows you to purge the event log.
  • Call History - Shows amount of data used by Call History.
  • Chat logs - Enable or disable Chat Logs.
  • Automatic Backups - Displays whether you have automatic backup configured.
  • Firewall Checker - Shows whether firewall checker was run and its result.
  • Services - Green if all 3CX services are running, red if one or more is down. Click to see which.
  • System Extensions - Green if all system extensions are registered, red if some are not.


  • FQDN - shows FQDN used by system.
  • IP - shows public IP of 3CX system
  • PUSH Account - Default or own account - we recommend changing this to your own google account for security purposes. Read how here.
  • Webmeeting FQDN - Shows FQDN for Web meetings.
  • Webmeeting MCU - Shows the default MCU; ensure its configured to your region.
  • License - Shows whether license is activated, to which edition and version number.
  • Maintenance - Shows when your maintenance expires.
  • Sim Calls - Maximum number of licensed calls.
  • Sim meeting participants - Maximum number of licensed conference participants.
  • Outbound Rules - At least one or more outbound rules are required to make calls.

Event log


The Event log is an important section in your dashboard, showing you critical events about your system, requiring you to take note or immediate action. The following server events are posted to the log:

  • A person dialling the Emergency number (ID 4099).
  • Changes to the status of a SIP Trunk (ID 4100).
  • A trunk failover occurs, i.e. the backup rule is triggered (ID 12289).
  • A Trunk or VoIP provider account responds with an error code (ID 12294) - This could happen if your account is inactive or reached the credit limit.
  • Upon registration or unregistering of an IP phone (ID 4101).
  • The licence limit has been reached (ID 8193). The 3CX license limit on concurrent calls. If this event occurs frequently you should consider upgrading your license.
  • An IP is blacklisted (ID 12290) – This can happen if an IP has reached the maximum number of failed authentication attempts. Frequently this points to a hacking attempt.
  • An IP is blacklisted because of too many requests (ID 12292) – This happens if the web server anti-hacking module blocks an IP because of too many requests.
  • A Call Back request is triggered by the queue module (ID 102).
  • Failure of a DNS resolution - (ID 12293) - This event occurs when the remote VoIP provider could not be contacted. This could occur when your internet connection is down or the specified IP or FQDN for the VoIP provider is incorrect or down.
  • Failure of resolving an IP via STUN (ID 12295) – This happens when the STUN server is down. This event will also be triggered when the internet goes down.

You can configure email alerts to be sent to you for critical events from the Settings > Email > Notifications tab.



3CX includes a powerful update system that allows you to easily keep your system up to date. Updates are downloaded securely from 3CX servers and divided into the following sections:

  • Service Packs - Updates to core 3CX services.
  • 3CX clients - Updates to 3CX clients.
  • Phone Templates - Updates to the provisioning templates.
  • Phone Firmware - New certified firmwares for supported phones.
  • VoIP Gateway - Updates to VoIP Gateway provisioning templates.
  • SIP Trunks - New or updated configuration templates for VoIP Providers.
  • Languages - New language packs.
  • Prompt sets - New or updated prompt sets for 3CX.
  • Integration - New scripts or integrations for CRM, Headsets, Contact centres and more.
  • Other - All other updates including CTI and certificates.

To update, simply select which you wish to download and update.

Activity Log

To troubleshoot 3CX Phone System you can use the Activity log. It shows the activity of the server, and logs potential reasons for error conditions. The Activity Log allows you to easily filter based on an Extension, or a particular call. In addition, you can filter the logging by date and time.

Click the “Settings” button to enable verbose logging which will show whole SIP messages and debug information. You can also configure for how many days to keep backup logs. Note that verbose logging consumes a lot of disk space and uses more processing power. It is important to change the level back to low or medium after the troubleshooting session is complete.